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RIBA Publishing has built up a strong relationship with the architectural press.

Our books have received some excellent reviews from journalists and industry heads and we are proud to share these with our customers on the RIBA Publishing and RIBA Bookshops websites.

The Environmental Design Pocketbook
by Sofie Pelsmakers

“Anyone serious about sustainable design, professional or student, should buy this book.”
Hattie Hartman, Architect's Journal
“It is simple, concise and packed with useful facts and figures. Sofie's book makes it easy to grasp the issues and strategies to design and construct greener buildings. I'll be keeping a copy close to hand.”
Pooran Desai, Co-Founder of BioRegional and One Planet Communities

Law in Practice: The RIBA Legal Handbook
by John Wevill

“A core reference material for architects in an era of austerity where it is important that risks are managed and indeed are in line with the level of fee agreed.”
Dale Sinclair, Director at Dyer

Biomimicry in Architecture
by Michael Pawlyn

“Enthusiastically recommended as a stimulating introduction to ways of thinking that could radically change how we build.”
Richard Weston, Architectural Review

Chamberlin, Powell & Bon
by Elain Harwood

co-published with English Heritage and the Twentieth Century Society
“Represents a significant step in the rehabilitation of the Utopian dreams of the 1960s.”
Deyan Sudjic, The Times

Loft Conversion Project Guide
co-published with the Construction Products Association

“This guide is both a significant new development in Building Regulations guidance and an exemplar of collaboration and leadership.”
Lord McKenzie of Luton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

Biodiversity for Low and Zero Carbon Buildings: A Technical Guide for New Build
Dr Carol Williams

“For people needing reference material, this is a thorough, clear and information-packed book… A good book for the reference library.”
Andrew Macintosh, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios for BD Review, July 2010

Twentieth Century Architects Series
“What is good about this series so far is that it's all about partnerships, the way most architect-designed buildings are produced. These are not about the cult of the solo genius, but the meshing of personalities to create good work. If anything represents that elusive thing, 'real architecture', these books do. Warmly recommended.”
Hugh Pearman at RIBA Journal

The BIID Interior Design Job Book
Diana Yakeley and Stephen Yakeley

“For the first time professionalism, good practice and competency are covered in the book for interior designers, developed by Stephen & Diana Yakeley and supported by the BIID. This should make compulsory reading for professionals and students alike.”
Iris Dunbar, Director of The Interior Design School


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